Impossible would be to narrate the history of Frigopesca without telling the historical trajectory of its founder, Manoel Rodrigues da Silva, Manoel Chicó.

Manoel Rodrigues was born on October 9, 1938, in a place called Venice, on the Juruá River, rural area of ​​the municipality of Itamarati. Elder son of Raimundo Rodrigues da Silva and Iolanda Marques da Silva. Since childhood, he had brought with him the traces of a vast natural growth of human nature, with rich kindness and knowledge of traditional science. With a creative and innovative spirit, she grows up with her fisherman and rubber tapper father, where she learned a lot from him, even though she lost him at the age of ten ("A great responsibility has grown within me to help my mother raise my brothers"), Dice, Maria, Jacira, Francisca and José. I had with me the image of my father, strong white man, worker. "Manoel Rodrigues).

Manoel Rodrigues's teacher was his mother. He learned to read and write, and his readings have always been oral, as often poet and prose writer, without putting anything on paper. Counting, adding, dividing and multiplying always knew on the tip of the tongue, head on. To tell the truth, all his friends believed and respected that he was really smart, even without having time to go to school. His mother, already in her second marriage, with four more children, Raimunda das Gracias, Francisco, Antonieta and Benedito, made a total of ten brothers. ("The mission was great, and in this circle of life we ​​were happy, we had plenty. From the corn, flour, rice, and beans we stocked up in stuffed barrels from year to year, and we sold a lot of chickens, vegetables, and eggs. I fished, cut a syringe, always took one of my brothers to help. With the head on the head, bucket and knife in hand we made the whole road of the rubber and back we collected the milk. During the day fished and not being able to pull the fish alone , tied the line in the canoe, using the gifts of his own intelligence. "Manoel Rodrigues).

At 19 years old Manoel Rodrigues left the Juruá river. Starting a new life on the banks of the Solimões River in the Supiá community near Manacapuru. With the new life, he was a farmer working in the fields. Hard and heavy work, he harvested his own produce, which was corn, cassava, beans, bananas, and vegetables. He put his produce in his canoe, built by his grandfather, and sold it in Manacapuru. He bought his ranch and believed in a future, dreamed of being a great merchant of the region. He also worked with jute and mallow. It made the party, even though the fiber was not very valuable, filled barges and sold its production to the Brasiljuta factory.

When he was 22 years old, he fell in love with a very beautiful and young girl, whom he married and had five children: Raimundo, Francisco Carlos, Sebastião, Vanderlan and Fábio. Thinking about the future of his children, he moved to the city of Manacapuru. Today your children are entrepreneurs, all running their own businesses.

After buying his first boat, a small motor, he made many trips around the municipality, buying and reselling products. Starting his cattle breeding, in a few years already stood out as one of the main ranchers of the region. It supplied Manacapuru's consumer market with good quality meat. Always respected for honoring his commitments, he stood out increasingly as a serious and hard-working man

Manoel Rodrigues has acquired several properties to expand his cattle raising. The December 25th Farm, popularly known as Calado, became Manoel Rodrigues' swamp, in which it began to invest to improve its structure. However, it did not leave its origins aside, raising chickens, ducks, and planting cassava, maize and vegetables, among others. Throughout his trajectory, he used the waters of the Amazon rivers as roads, and the boats he owned helped him move his livestock from fertile floodplain lands to firm lands during the floods.

Every year Manoel Rodrigues held the celebrations in honor of San Francisco on his farm, which was a long-standing family tradition. On October 2, 3, and 4, he was holding a grand feast that gathered devotees from all over. It served a grand lunch for all present. Even today the festivities of San Francisco are longed for. Currently only the religious part is held in your residence.

Strong merchant with several boats, floating and farm, dominated everything with great balance. With faith in God, Manoel Rodrigues is not afraid of work and runs his business with a strong arm. It then began in a new branch the buying and selling of fish and the sale of scale ice. To do this, Manoel Rodrigues needed a place with minimal infrastructure to get started. Dr. Mário Guerreiro decides to sell the then BrasilJuta factory, an area on the left bank of the Solimões river, in the municipality of Manacapuru. Manoel Rodrigues, former supplier of fibers to the factory, in which he has always honored his commitments, had the preference in buying. So having some savings and selling some goods, he invested in buying successfully. Refurbished part of the factory and named it Frigopesca - Amazon Fish Refrigerator.

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